Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cuse'n to the Dance?

The Orange hoops squad escaped with a win at home against St. John's 76-74 thanks in large part to Demetris Nichols' career high 37 points. The scoring output from Nichols was fantastic but the 'Cuse needed each of those 37 points to win amidst some still very glaring problems. As the Orange heads to Tampa to square off against South Florida there are some pressing needs and concerns SU will have to address down the stretch to make/go far into the Big Dance. First and foremost is the guard play - a necessary staple for success in March. Josh Wright is really the Orange's only option at the point - but he is still too careless with the ball and leaves his feet too much with nowhere to go. Shooting guard Eric Devendorf's decision making in the last 5-6 games has been pretty awful as well and seems to get worse by the game. It looks like a little Gerry McNamara syndrome post Hakim Warrick and Carmelo Anthony - trying to do too much. The kid is a scorer but he forces when there's nothing there, and while he came away with 9 assists against St. John's - that was at the expense of 4 turnovers. The shot selection with these two and the team as a whole leaves much to be desired and its translates into transition points for the opponent. Coach Jim Boeheim said after the win against SJU that "We are going to have to play better defense if we are going to finish the season the way we would like to." While the halfcourt defense wasn't great - it was the transition D or lack there of that really caused the problems and let the Johnnies get some open looks and easy baskets and stick around despite Nichols' ridiculous game. And it all goes back to the decision making of Wright and Devendorf. Another example - even in the middle of Nichols' hot streak, Devendorf took a 3 with at least 20 seconds still left on the shot clock not even trying to find Nichols. Furthermore, while Wright is a lock for a few bad turnovers a game - there's no other option. Devendorf isn't a point guard, Paul Harris is the furthest thing from, and when Josh Wright is out for an extended period of time, it impacts the team in a negative way. Terrence Roberts said a few games ago that the Orange has to start playing as a team and not street ball if they want to win. They're still got a ways to go, but with a trap game against USF tonight, the 'Cuse needs to make good decisions and get a little momentum going for its stretch run.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Eaglesv Giants Running Diary

Eagles - Giants running diary

Gotta like the Eagles in this game. The -7 spread is a bit steep but I can't see the Eagles losing to the Giants at home with the complete opposite directions these teams have been going.But then again its Philadelphia sports and if the Eagles lose it'll probably be in an even more gut wrenching fashion than Tony Romo dropping the snap and the golden boy costing the Cowboys the season. Optimism subject to change...

1st Quarter

Pre-kickoff - Chris Myers says that "Eli says he understands the Eagles blitz"...ha ok if u say so. The only thing better than playing against Eli manning in the playoffs is playing against an Eli Manning that thinks he knows what he's up against

Opening kickoff to the 25 let's watch Eli understand the Eagles blitz - this should be good

14:54 Great start first play false start this is the tight disciplined Giants team
I know and love

14:49 Burress rips a possible pick from Lito Sheappard for 29 yards - He and Tiki are really the only two guys I'm worried about. And yes they both happen to play relatively important positions on the offense, I'm aware of this.

14:35 Ahhh but the good old Giants and their penalties (2) a hold negates a 13 yard game

14:15 Tiki starts off well with a 7 yard gain - Dawkins making tackles on running plays equals not good

13:00 Jared Lorensen a QB sneak for a first down - earning his paycheck

12:25 and Tiki continues to coast for 15 yards

11:44 and Eli hits a wide open Burress for a TD 7-0 Giants...that was quick but ask me if I'm worried

11:42 LET IT GOOOO!!! but no, Reno Mahe picks up the kickoff that would have gone out of bounds and gets tackled at the 9

10:59 tough play for Brown but goes off the finger tips I just hope this doesn't mean the Eagles receivers are going to forget how to catch the ball

10:55 Garcia takes a sack at the 2 and we all have to sit and watch the dumbest celebration in sports history with that Giants jump shot who came up with that anyway - shouldn't you dominate the sport you get played to play before working on another one

10:50 Dirk Johnson 60 yard punt, thats a nice saftey valve to have- Giants start at the 49

10:18 False start Giants (3) i'm setting the over under on Giants penalties at 11 and taking the over

9:40 False Start Giants (4) I'm taking the over by halftime

9:18 Eli throwing the ball to no one...really I missed this

9:13 Jim Johnson's "exotic blitz package" (thanks Troy aikman) makes Eli throw it even further from no one on 3rd and 12. I was surprised the Giants were able to overcome the penalties on the first drive, did anyone think they would really pull it off twice? me neither

9:00 Joe Buck - "I don't know if the average fan remembers how good this team was with McNabb." No, Joe you are smarter than all of us please remind us how good the Eagles were with McNabb

8:02 Kiwanuka keep talking trash. You actually rememberd to wrap up the quarterback this time instead of quitting on the play, congratulations go shoot some jump shots. Garcia is looking just a bit uptight.

7:55 As good as Johnson's first punt was this one was that ugly, Giants get the ball at their 47

6:45 Tiki for a first down once again Dawkins makes the tackle

6:05 Burress clearly pushes off and costs Dawk a pick c'mon the guy aready has a 7inch height advantage

5:30 Eli on 3rd and 7 this should be good...throwing to no one?
No but a tipped ball just as good

5:17 Eagles D steppin up and not letting the Giants take advantage of good field position...but Feagles punts it to David Tyree who practically makes a fair catch at the 2 to down it...Eagles not much room to work with

4:00 And Fox somehow starts to begin an Eagles QB controversey when one is laid up for at least 6 more months journalism at its best

3:20 Garcia steps up and throws to Sam Madison broken up by Dante Stallworth that was close another punt for the Birds

3:10 Let's see if the Eagles D can do it again with the Giants at the Eagles 47

3:05 Eli looking like a shortstop trying to avoid Ty Cobb when turning a doubleplay throws it into the grass

2:30 Eli 3rd and 13 throws for about 4 yards Burress may have been wide open

1:55 Garcia to Reggie Brown for 9 alright they're dodged 3 bullets now get something going

1:30 Happy Feet Garcia finds Westbrook for a first down

:40 Can someone explain why no name Wilson CB for the Giants is talking trash? thanks

:12 Eagles just avoid another INT

Garcia runs for a 1st down alright they're getting a little somethin going

2nd Quarter - Eagles with the ball at their 42

15:00 Giants encroachment (5) and to think I was having second thoughts about the over by haltime

14:11 PRO BOWL THIS..ladies and gentlemen Brian Westbrook unbelievable 49 yard run..
really no words 7-7

14:00 And Tiki really hasn't done much since that first drive...hmm let's think about this Eli 3-3 on the first drive and Tiki running well ; Eli has snapped back to reality and completed 1 pass since and Tiki hasn't gone anywhere hmm make Eli beat you I like that idea

13:15 Tiki stuffed for a loss ...3rd and long again...throwing to no one again?

12:46 NO Eli found someone - Eagles DB Sheldon Brown . He really is just a bad quarterback it was only a matter of time

12:25 Westbrook is nasssstttyyy to the 15

12:00 and the replay of the pick I mean this is awful unless Brown and his green jersey just blended into Burress there was absolutely no where to throw this ball

9:55 3rd and goal from inside the two...nothin

9:34 AND back from the dead its the dirty bird Koy Detmer signed for the playoffs for the sole purpose of holding FG's and PAT's. Hmmm..I bet the Cowboys wish they had thought of that
Akers hits the chip shot 10-7 Birds

9:34 Chris Myers.."Eli gets compassion from Jeremy Shockey"..the Giants are in worse shape than I thought...This kid told an NFL team NO on draft day - thats something

8:30 Shockey loses his helmet too bad his hair didn't get stuck in it

6:54 3rd and 2 from the shotgun...and Eli converts even a blind squirrell finds a nut every now n then

6:15 Dawkins misses on Barber after Tiki blows past the blitz you don't see that often Eagles need another big stop from their D - 1st n goal G-men from the 4

5:40 1st n goal an incomplete pass...curious decision

5:34 2nd n goal 1 yard for Tiki

5:00 3rd n goal Sheldon Brown knocks down a pass to Shockey Eagles D holds the Giants to a FG 10-10. I still can't believe they passed on first and goal have they been watching Eli?

4:40 left in the half Eagles start at the 20 Andy Reid's speciality - clock management

3:26 Garcia somehow gets the ball to LJ smith as he's about to be wrapped up for a first down but Runyan decides to wrack up a personal foul penalty with a late hit aahhh but ya gotta love the retaliation penalty - penalties offset (6 for the Giants)

2:27 the Anti-owens (#18 Dante Stallworth) makes a 10 yard catch for a first down

2:02 Garcia calls a TO right before the 2 minute warning very not the smartest thing we've seen him do

1:57 2 minute warning 2 TO and 42 yards to go and plus getting the ball in the 2nd half things

1:57 Eagles do their best Giants impression with a False start

1:53 3rd and 5 this is pretty big... I say 4 down territory WOW....Garcia somehow threads theball between 2 defenders for a huge first down at the NY 28

1:01 Stallworth with a huge 28 yard TD from Garcia 17-10 Eagles and the ball at halftime and don't leave out the possibilty of an ELI pick 6 before the half; I'd say Dante is enjoying his first career playoff game 3 rec 42 yards and a TD

:57 Giants start from their own 20 Eli gets hit and ohhh that was almost that pick 6 - I think that'll be the end of any last minute drive chance for the Giants

:55 sure enough a draw play to Tiki and Andy's lack of clock management issues strike again as he let's 20 seconds tick off before calling a TO with 28 seconds left instead of forcing Eli to try and make a play

:22 Giants have to punt with 22 seconds left ...please put Westbrook deep....and they do but not much there and the Eagles run the clock out from their own 30

17-10 Eagles at the Half

Eli got worse as the half went on
Garcia got better as the half went on
Tiki 15 for 95
Westbrook 7 for 87

1st play of the 2nd half WEstbrook runs for a first down and gets an extra 5 yards from a facemask(7)

13:15 Eagles stall out in their first drive and have to punt...Giants fumble the punt but recover at their own 10

12:50 Eli narrowly avoids a sack...maybe they'll think twice before letting him pass again

12:00 and right on point a handoff for 2 yards to Barber

11:30 Jaquay Thomas with a 3rd down sack on Eli missing a wide open Shockey
this is good stuff the kid is less than clueless out there he probably had Peyton hold his hand and walk him through how to take his first girlfriend's bra off

10:45 Eagles go for a long TD pass and the jugular but Garcia throws it just out of reach

10:25 I think Eli's trying to compete for the Art Shell blank face award absolutely no sign of emotion when Shockey comes over to try to tell him how wide open he was

9:26 Eagles down a punt at the one I'm betting the Eagles get some sort of points out of this safety, TD, fumble and FG something...I wouldnt be surprised if they dont even let Eli touch the ball like a direct snap to barber

8:36 3rd and 5 at the 5 they have to try and pass it here and its gona be a disaster

8:30 it was a near disaster but no first down and the Giants have to punt

7:13 Booooo illegal block but its still fun to watch Westbrook run back a punt 68 yards for a TD that doesnt count

6:25 Big 3rd and 8 conversion this looked like a sure 3 n out but now the Eagles got
something goin

6:00 THe Giants have the end around perfectly covered and Reggie Brown still finds a way to get the corner and the first down

4:28 Garcia buys time and Reggie brown comes back 10 yards for a 15 yard gain nice

4:00 Eagles fans cheering a Giants injury? no way, not question is how is the defensive lineman the one who gets hurt when he hits the QB

3:11 this is one thing i hate about the Eagles 3rd and 7 a draw to WEstbrook? What is that? Thats what gets this team in trouble they dont go for the kill -FG good by the way - but how are you going to not even try for a first down there argghh 20-10 Eagles

2:32 our hero returns to the field to lead a fearless charge...or at least on the first two plays to fearlessly hand the ball off to Tiki Barber

1:20 3rd and 2 did Eli bumble forward enough for the first down?...indeed

:36 Christmas comes late for the Giants as Sheldon Brown doesnt look for the ball which would have given him an easy pick but instead practically tackles Burress for a gift PI call

4th Quarter

15:00 Giants 3rd and 2 from the 6 Eli thinks about running has no where to go or throw and throws it away Giants settle for a FG 20-13 Eagles

12:31 Big 3rd and 10 looks like a little PI but no call and the Eagles have to punt

12:13 Giants with the ball at their own 20 and the rain coming down pretty hard

12:05 good start for the Giants with Tiki going for 12

11:30 Why do i feel like i'm going to rewitness the first drive of the game all over again? i really do

10:55 yea here we go defensive penalties tiki running well its looking like it - i'm still counting on ELI to take the wind out of the sails at a crucial point

10:00 looked like tiki had a 1st but nice stop by Trotter to make it a must throw 3rd and 4 Eli i'm counting on you to screw this up , I know you've got it in you

9:33 But instead Eli converts to Tim Carter for a 1st down

9:00 and more good news Lito sheppard has a dislocated elbow

8:10 ..and Shockey's out for one i guess

8:00 please makes this fat kid QB fumble the ball on this stupid 3rd and one substitution

7:48 timeout Giants guess they've got a better idea

7:48 Eli back it to Barber...looks short from here..and the call on the field agrees....heres comes the challenge and after further review it looks like he might have it.....And after review the Giants get a first the 23

7:23 Giants false start.(8) had been too long

7:07 when it rains it pours and when ur playing the Giants they just cant help themselves false start (9)

6:40 holding giants (10) this is more like it wipes out a 20 yard gain by Tiki 1st and 30 and now Eli has to pass

6:25 1st and 30 pass sails out of bounds

6:16 2nd and 30 an 18 yd completion to burress back in FG range

5:30 3rd and 12 Eli burns another TO Even if the Giants crawl away with a FG the offense is in full reverese and they've burned all but one TO

5:25 of course if your strong safety misses a tackle and lets the Giants get a first down forget what i just said

5:04 Eli to Plaxico 20-20 same play as the first TD did i say i felt like i was watching the first drive again penalties and all on the Giants? i think i might have
yea i'm pretty sure i did - way to settle for that FG Andy nice work now let's watch you botch clock management and lose this game

4:57 Eagles first n 10 at the 33 Westbrook goes for 12

4:00 6 yard completion to the 49
So far nice job of staying in bounds by the Eagles to run that clock down

3:09 Westbrook runs for another first down the NY 42 and the clock is ticking

2:35 Garcia to REggie Brown 2nd and 3

2:30 Westbrook first down to the NY 33 and as the 2 minute warning approaches most years i would be confident in Akers hitting a FG to win the game and I still like his chances but he's had his worst year, he's looked shaky from distances he's been lights out from and to make things even more interesting, there's a pretty heavy downpour plus with what happened to the cowboys last night let's just say im not chalking this one up just yet

2 minute warning

1:48 But this eases my mind WEsbrook 13 yards to the 20 ..i like.. Giants last TO

akers 6-6 in 4th Q and overtime in the playoffs....fair enough

The Eagles are running the clock down and after the next play will be able to kick it and run out the clock

:21 TO Eagles they're gona try it on 3rd down probably partly because of Romo-gate last night. And of course according to Stephen A Smith if they miss it on 3rd down they can kick it again on 4th down....yea his sport is definitly basketball

OK forget that whole spiel except for the shot at Stephen A. The Eagles send the offense back out for 3rd and run the clock down
to 3 seconds....38 yards

:03 NEXT STOP NEW ORLEANS Akers right down the middle for 38 yards Eagles 23 Giants 20
Koy Detmer its so good to have you back

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back in the game

After a 6 month hiatus in Espana, what better way to get back to business than a little rant. Today on ESPN radio Joe Theismann called Ricky Williams 'disgrace to the game' of football and continued "I don't ever want to be mentioned in the same breath as Ricky Williams as a football player. He's a disgrace to the game. The man doesn't deserve to play football. He should go on with his life and treat his drug addictions or go do whatever he wants to do. He's been suspended from the National Football League on multiple occasions. Doesn't anybody have any class anywhere? For gosh sakes, let the kid go do what he wants to do. He doesn't want to play football." First of all who named Joe Theismann the ambassador of the NFL and who cares what he has to say. Since when is a guy who makes people want to gauge their eyes out during Sunday Night Football broadcasts (Monday Nights this fall) the authority of all things football. Theismann is a disgrace to the broadcast booth and should focus on improving that (as hopeless as it may seem) instead of going after Williams. And his Holier than thou attitude with the whole "treat his drug addictions" is absurd. Ricky smokes pot. Its really not that big a deal especially when compared to what other NFL players do. See the Vikings Sex Boat and Rae Carruth. Ricky's wanting to smoke weed has gotten in the way of a promising NFL career no question. But if he's found a place to play in the CFL and a team thats willing to give him another chance,he clearly does want to play football and who the hell is Joe Theismann to play judge and jury?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl XL

Yea its been a while since I put one a post up but that tends to happen when you're running around madrid and the rest of spain without internet for a while. But miss a super bowl prediction? not a chance. Steelers - Seahawks. Not the most glamorous of matchups but this is the parity that the NFL loves. Two new teams, Pittsburgh with its first chance to win the big game since the days of Neil O'Donnell and Larry Brown and a Seattle team that hasn't gotten a whiff of a championship since Shawn Kemp and the Sonics got smoked by Jordan's bulls in 6. Alright call it east coast bias, call it whatever you want but I just don't see Seattle winning this game. They aren't as tough as Pittsburgh, they went through a beat up NFC in the playoffs and Matt Hasselbeck and championship just don't seem to go together. Pittsburgh meanwhile has been on a roll for the second half of the season, went through the toughest playoff schedule (short of going to Foxboro) and has shown no signs of stopping now. I'd love to break down the game piece by piece but these siestas are just too good to pass up especially with the game starting at midnight Madrid time and likely going til at least 4 in the morning. So I'm gonna cut the foreplay and just jump right to it - Bill Cowher finally rewards the Steelers for their loyalty and brings home a championship 24-13.

Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 Recap

Yet another year in the books, and yet another action packed 365 days for sports fans. Another Sox curse has been broken, UNC basketball is a shadow of the team that brought home the NCAA title in April, and you probably wouldn't know it but the NHL is back in session. Terrell Owens and the Eagles are far from the dominant NFC champion they were a year ago, the Pats "dynasty" appears on the brink, and Notre Dame and Penn State football have finally returned to their respective places in the Bowl Championship Series. Pat Riley and Phil Jackson are back on the sidelines with the Christmas matchup between the Heat and the Lakers reminiscent of the Bulls and the Knicks circa 1993. Baseball saw a first ballot Hall of Fame lock have his greatest moment only to piss it away with a positive steroid test weeks later. Since, 500 HR / 3,000 hit club member and Viagra spokesman Rafael Palmerio has become the laughing stock of Major League Baseball and the punchline to countless jokes. Baseball has since come up with a serious steroid testing policy addressing a problem it turned a blind eye to during the late 90s surge of the 60+ homer season. One offseason later, the once champion Red Sox look anything but familiar and the Evil Yankee Empire has turned yet another former beloved Sawx star to the Dark Side. Peyton Manning and the Colts chased the '72 Dolphins and their infamous modesty only to be stopped short by a San Diego team that will go down as one of the best in NFL history to miss the playoffs. Hurricane Katrinia destroyed a sports mecca in New Orleans former home to the NCAA Final Four and the Super Bowl not to mention the Saints and Hornets. Right on the other side of the ball drop USC will show if it can '3-Pete' and the Irish and Nittany Lions will try to prove they're back for good with bowl game victories. Peyton's first Ring is so close he can smell it, but likely not before he goes through Brady and the Pats one last time. Here's to 2006.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Little College Hoops

Alright, I was dead wrong. I really expected Texas to be the ones cruising to victory over Duke not the other way around. But the Dukies got up for this one and did plenty to quiet the skeptics. Let's face it squeaking out wins against Memphis, Drexel, Indiana, and Virginia Tech didn't exactly instill an invincible image. But JJ Reddick absolutely exploded today with 41 points - he was 9-16 from 3pt land. Thats goddlike. So Reddick stepped up for the biggest game of the year so far and #1Duke rode his performance to a 30 point win against #2 Texas. The next non-conference game that could really give them some trouble is Bucknell at home January 2nd right before ACC play begins. Texas will probably drop out of the top 5 - Iowa doesn't look like so much of a strong win after losing to Northern Iowa and Iowa State; and West Virginia handed Texas a W by not making any free throws. #4 Villanova and its 4 guards continue to live up to the hype. A solid 9 point win over then #5 Oklahoma and the Wildcasts handled a competitive Bucknell team that they matched up well against beating them by 19. #8Florida has surprised everyone -they've beaten Wake Forest, Syracuse, and Providence but easy with the National title talk. Since their run in the 2000 tournament this team never gets past the 2nd round of the tournament. Yes its ridiculously early for tournament talk but it was fueled by overhearing people talk about how the Gators are heading for the title game. Slow down - Syracuse isn't exactly looking too good right now, and Wake lost Chris Paul. But its a very impressive start seeing the players Florida lost last year. #10 Illinois is doing just fine without Luther Head running to 9-0. In a rematch of last year's title game the Illini got a bit of revenge with a 68-64 win against North Carolina. #16 Indiana suffered a tough loss to Duke when Marco Killingsworth ran out of gas with about 6 minutes left in the game and went on to lose to rival Indiana St. earlier this week. The Hoosiers seem to be regrouping and have a 16 point lead over #15 Kentucky at halftime. #20 George Washington had a very good 8 point win over #17 Maryland and will face fellow ACC member #23 NC State in their last non conference game before Atlantic 10 play begins. Second only to Florida's great start is North Carolina cracking the Top 25 at #24 with a completely different team. The Tar Heels rebounded nicely from its loss to Illinois with a 4 point win over then #10 Kentucky. Syracuse has dropped out of the Top 25 after losses to Bucknell and Florida. The Orange have the talent there's no question about that and they're even finding star production in surprising places like junior Demetris Nichols who has put up two 24 point games. But their defense stinks, their rebounding stinks, and Gerry McNamara has been stinking it up as well shooting under 30% from the field and outside the arc. To get this team going they either gotta have Terrence Roberts and Daryl Watkins hit the glass or run a small lineup out there a la Villanova hoping they can shoot the lights out. They Orange still have a little bit of time left to figure out how they're gona deal with their problems but Big East play is getting closer by the day. The Orange show up against UConn, Villanova and the rest of the Big East elite playing like this and they'll get run out of the building.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Hot Stove about to go up in Flames

So far the baseball offseason has been nothing short of exciting but with the winter meetings beginning in Dallas tomorrow, GM's around the league are just getting started. Some thoughts on a few early offseason moves:

Phillies sign Tom Gordon for 3 years $18 million: I'm very lukewarm about this signing. Yea the Phillies needed a closer since Billy Wagner left for the Mets but I would have rather seen them get Trevor Hoffman or maybe even let one of the younger guys like Robinson Tejada close games out. One of the keys to Tejada's success is that he was effectively wild - sounds like a closer to me. Flash is already lined up for failure - Philly is where closers who have had a slight amount of success come to die. Heathcliffe Slocumb, Jose Mesa, and Ricky Bottalico just to name a few. All these guys had some amount of success in their career but for the most part flopped in Philadelphia (Wagner being the obvious exception). Gordon seems to fit the profile of those first 3 guys. Gordon was fine as a setup man for the Yanks but in Chicago before that, he wasn't exactly a lights out closer for the Cubs. Not a huge fan of this signing.

Phillies trade Jim Thome to the White Sox for Aaron Rowand and two minor leaguers: It was about time. Nothing against Thome, he remained a class act throughout the whole ordeal but his time in Philadelphia had come to an obvious end. Ryan Howard is going to be a 40+ homer guy (22 in half a season) and this kid is the definition of a clutch hitter. Thome now that he's 35 and coming off an injury riddled season has got to be strictly a DH. He'll fit in perfectly in Chicago - he's a huge upgrade of Carl Everett. And ChiSox have prospect Brian Anderson fill the void left by Rowand in CF. The Phils get one of the best centerfielders in the game and Rowand has the potential to be a 20/20 guy. Also the two minor league pitchers the Phils got could be pitching in the big leagues within 2 years. Good trade for both teams but edge to the phils with the two lefty pitchers.

Mets spending like the Yankees to get Carlos Delgado and Billy Wagner: Maybe the Mets haven't been watching A Bronx Tale on the other side of town but someone should let GM Omar Minaya in on the fact that you can't always buy championships. No doubt Minaya is doing his best and by default New York has to be the front runner in the NL East. But starting pitching is still and issue. You can pencil Pedro in for 18-20 wins. But the rest of the rotation? Tom Glavine isn't getting any younger and isn't the Glavine the Braves knew and loved. Kris Benson may not even be in New York to start the season but if he is he's a decent #3 but not anything to write home about. And then what. Jay Seo? I seem to remember another New York team that had issues with an aging starting staff that typically trys to buy championships? Delgado, Cliff Floyd, David Wright, Jose Reyes, and Carlos Beltran (grossly underachieved last year). Derek Jeter, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Alex Rodriguez, Hideki Matsui. And that was with Randy Johnson, supposed all star Carl Pavano, Chien Ming Wang, Mike Mussina and surprise stud Shawn Chacon. The Mets lineup is a little younger but I wouldn't buy those World Series tickets for the Amazin' Mets just yet. That being said a division title for the Mets would be a great success.

White Sox sign Paul Konerko to 5 years $60 million: There would have been a mutiny on the southside if the World Champs hadn't brought back their captain and clubhouse leader. It really wouldn't have made sense for Konerko to leave Chicago - He's loved by the fans, he's on a team that will contend to a repeat title, and he helped bring the southside its first World Series in 88 years. The Orioles never had a shot, who in their right mind would go to Baltimore. And allegedly the Angels were close to landing Konerko, but with that starting staff in Chitown the Sox have a better shot of contending for the title.

Rafael Furcal to the Dodgers. The Cubs seemed minutes away from landing one of the most coveted free agents and all of a sudden the Dodgers swept in and snagged him for their grasp. So Furcal lands in the city of angels but as far as overall impact, he's not gona put the Dodgers over the top. I wonder if those DUI's carry state to state.

Josh Beckett to the Red Sox. The Yankee killer lands in Boston and brings some help to a starting staff in disaray. Beckett has to stay healthy which has been an issue and he gets a lot of hype for being a career .500 pitcher. But he'll pitch a great game or two against the Yankees this year and every Sawx fan will love him if only for that.

Manny Ramirez and Bobby Abreu? I would love this trade for the Phillies. But its not going to happen. Ramirez and Ryan Howard would be like Manny and Big Papi all over again. Yes the Phillies need more starting pitching but Ramirez could legit hit 60 home runs at Citizens Bank. But these two could very possibly be in different cities by the end of the week.